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"Refinement" from The Private Life of Henry VIII

1933. Charles Laughton as Henry VIII, frustrated that he has been told by the royal court to marry again, downs a chicken disgustingly while making jabs at Franklin Dynall as Oliver Cromwell. Robert Donat as Thomas Culpepper is reminded by Maud Tree as The King's Nurse to tend to the King when he looks like he is about to give order, which Henry does to Henry Loder as Thomas Peynell regarding fetching Anne of Cleves.Binnie Barnes as Katherine Howard, who sees Henry's frustration, offers to sing him a song that he would enjoy, sings a song and the King does enjoy it. Henry then tells a joke about marriage that gets the whole court and castle laughing, including Anne Esmond as The Cook's Wife, Arthur Howard as Kitchen Helper, and Wally Patch as Butcher in Kitchen. 

*This may disgust you, and I promised myself in the past I would never post this scene, but the scene I did want to post is no longer available on youtube, and this is great acting. 

Happy Birthday Charles Laughton! Here is a tribute to him I wrote four years ago: 

Charles Laughton: Precious Painter

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