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  • "Impromptu Performance" from Morning Glory

  • Posted 2 years ago

"Impromptu Performance" from Morning Glory

1933. Katharine Hepburn as Eva Lovelace, drunk, has a conversation with Adolphe Menjou as Louis(Lewis) Easton about her talent, and decides to prove herself, even though her mentor, C.Aubrey Smith as Robert Hartley "Bob" Hedges and her love interest Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. as Joseph Sheridan try to see that she is taken care of, and she starts a monologue from Hamlet.

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26 Jan 12, 04:08 AM

poor "MORNING GLORY"...always on everyone's "5HIT LIST"....not sure why...the "WINGS" phenonenon=win a oscar and it's a bad movie???  maybe Katherine had not yet achieved her "mature voice"...this film has a most excellent pedigree...check the link if you do not believe me!!!!


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