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  • "Fate Lends A Hand" from Arthur

  • Posted 1 year ago

"Fate Lends A Hand" from Arthur

1981. Dudley Moore as Arthur Bach whines to John Gielgud as Hobson that he is unloved and doesn't have anything. Hobson takes his helmet and goggles and slaps him across the face, calling him out for his immature behavior and tells him about real world realities Arthur must face and that Hobson does have affection for him. Hobson then appears at the Martolla apartment, where he meets Barney Martin as Ralph Martolla, and asks for Linda. Liza Minnelli as Linda Martolla introduces Hobson to her father, and asks for tea, and talks to her about Arthur. 

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13 Jul 14, 05:02 PM

What a sweet, touching, and funny performance. 


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