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  • "Et Tu, Brute?" from Julius Caesar

  • Posted 1 year ago

"Et Tu, Brute?" from Julius Caesar

1953. Morgan Farley as Artemidorius reads and prepares himself to hand to Caesar a warning about a conspiracy to kill him. As Louis Calhern as Julius Caesar makes his way to the Senate, he tells Richard Hale as Soothsayer that it is the Ides of March and nothing has happened to him, and the Soothsayer says the Ides of March is still here though. Artemidorius gets Caesar's attention to pass along the warning to him, but John Hoyt as Decius Brutus dismisses him with the real schedule for his appearance in the Senate. John Gielgud as Cassius then asks Artemidorius to bring his petition to the Senate and not on the stairs to the Senate, to which Artemidorius leaves. Lumsden Hare as Publius tells Cassius that he hopes it will be successful for them, and Cassius tells James Mason as Brutus that he thinks their plans are known. Both of them notice that the plan is set in place, and they enter the Senate, where Jack Raine as Trebonius cues them and where William Contrell as Cinna reminds Edmond O'Brien as Casca what his role is. Tom Powers as Metellus Cimber pleads to Caesar about the banishment of his brother, to which Caesar dismisses and justifies his decision, then Cassius begs on Metellus Cimber's behalf, followed by Brutus, then . Then Edmond O'Brien as Casca makes the first move, and everyone around him except Brutus stabs him repeatedly. Caesar walks out of the group close to the statue of Pompeys, and Brutus stabs him. 


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15 Jul 14, 09:44 AM

Hi, Hep! So sorry for the late response.  I'm doing fine; I hope you are as well.  I love Julius Caesar; it is my favorite work of the bard.  Perhaps it's because I find Julius Caesar to be such a fascinating historical figure.................


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13 Jul 14, 07:17 PM

great cast....great direction (Joseph Mankiewicz).....

produced by the legendary John Houseman....

when is TCM gonna show this masterpiece????


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13 Jul 14, 04:54 PM

Thank you for posting this.  Its a great scene.  John Gielgud, James Mason, and Louis Calhern are all brilliant.  Another stand out is Edmond O' Brien.   I think what makes this movie is great is the humanity that is shown, both good and bad in the characters. 


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