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  • "Celebrity Sightings" from Stage Door Canteen

  • Posted 1 year ago

"Celebrity Sightings" from Stage Door Canteen

1943. As soldiers come into the Canteen, they are greeted by Helen Hayes as herself, who sets them up with a couple of women for the evening, until she gets asked to dance with a soldier herself; Alfred Lunt does dishes while Lynn Fontanne makes and plates sandwiches to give to the troops, to which a British soldier tells her he loves her from The White Cliffs of Dover being from Dover himself and another gets Alfred's last name wrong; Katharine Hepburn comes in with Selena Royale and gets her to make an exception for Cheryl Walker as Eileen Burke to come in to wait for her betrothed, then boosts her morale and centers her when he doesn't come. 

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17 May 14, 03:20 PM

I haven't seen this movie. But, geez, though it's brief, KH's performance is great! 


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