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  • Posted 4 years ago

Heartbreak Hotel

It's that time again! Time for a fun post. I was so unexpectedly surprised by the responses I got to my "It's All Coming Back To Me Now" article, and I thought I would try and venture into popular song with a classic film territory again. So, I found a song that fits a theme to classic movies and their use of public spaces for intense drama, the song "Heartbreak Hotel" by Whitney Houston with Faith Evans and Kelly Price from the 1998 "My Love Is Your Love" album, which the song is in the audio and the video is in the videos. One of the most common of those spaces is hotels. There is such fleeting opportunity for drama in a place where people come in and out for whatever reasons in their lives, and for a little period of time, the time they spend there changes. But, before I venture into this fun look at the use of hotels in classic films, I just thought I would say this disclaimer: I do not hate men, I just think the idea of breaking up with someone in a hotel is tacky. I also think that if men wants to be with someone other than the person they are currently attached to, they should not string the one they are attached to along while they perform in extracurricular activities on the side. Again, I do not hate men, I just think that there is needs to be more personal responsibility taken and better sense of spacial environments to do so. So, let's have fun! 

This is the Heartbreak Hotel

Grand Hotel: Grusinkaya's AnticipationThis is the Heartbreak Hotel

Separate Tables: Pat CooperThis is the Heartbreak Hotel

The Strange Love Of Martha Ivers: The Mysterious ToniThis is the Heartbreak Hotel

You said you'd be here by 9

Instead you took your time

You didn't think to call me boy

Separate Tables: Etiquette ConferenceHere I sit trying not to cry

Asking myself why, you'd do this to me oh baby

Grand Hotel: Getting To Know YouSince you aren't around to tell me face to face

The Strangle Love Of Martha Ivers: Reuniting With A Former Flame

Now I see you've played me all along

Played me all along and made a fool of me baby

The Strange Love of Martha Ivers: Two Flames Ablaze

Grand Hotel: Flirting With FlaemmchenSeparate Tables: Giving Into Temptation

 You got it all wrong to think I wouldn't find out

That you were cheating on me baby

How could you do it to me

Separate Tables: Lover's Quarrel

All I really wanted was some of your time

Instead you told me lies when someone else was on your mind

The Strange Love of Martha Ivers: Conflicted Mystery

What'd you do to me what'd you do

Look what you did to me

I thought that you were someone who would do me right

Until you played with my emotions and you made me cry

Separate Tables: The Tempting Ann Shakland

What'd you do to me

Can't take what you did to me

Grand Hotel: Flaemmchen-The Sexy Stenographer

Can't do it no more

This is the Heartbreak Hotel


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21 Jun 11, 12:52 PM

Love, love this Hep! Especially when I have seen the movie and can imagine just what that character is feeling.


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17 Jun 11, 10:09 PM

WoW Hep- another fun and wonderfully amazing article post! Everytime that you post these deeply heartwarming historical pieces of indescribable happiness, I feel so much more positive and deeply grateful for what you've selflessly contributed!!! Thanks again for what you've provided here in your highly incomparable post: always feel the greatest pleasure when I read posts like yours and countless others who've put so much love, heart and passion in their work!!Excellent blog post once again!


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17 Jun 11, 07:20 PM

Great blog post. 


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17 Jun 11, 03:21 PM

Don't know the song, or recognize the movie clips, but I love your blogs like this Hep! So creative!


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16 Jun 11, 08:57 PM

Grand Hotel, Separate Tables and The Strange Love of Martha Ivers. I have enjoyed each of these films; though I find that Grand Hotel seems a bit dated in its style. Still an important film that was a huge success. This reminds me, there is a very engrossing film called Hotel Berlin about the end of Nazi Germany- fine cast headed by Raymond Massey and Henry Daniel. -haven't thought of that for years. it was made in the spring of 1945.


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