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Ball Fire

  • Posted 5 years ago

Gay Actors

Now days a lot of people proclaim that gay actors should be able to come "out of the closet", be themselves and still get acting jobs. Hollywood is very liberal and tabloids loves when actors come out on the front cover of magazines.

Honestly though, can a gay actor really have sucess and be open about their sexuality?  I don't think so. When actors come out that's when their career stalls. The audience, writers and producers only see the actor as gay and not as an actor.  Most gay actor play the gay friend.

Now there was no way Rock Hudson could have come out and still had the successful career he had back in the 50/60's. He was advertised by the studios as the man every woman wanted. So coming out would have derailed his career.

Monty Cliff was an excellent actor and made some great movies but I read he was depressed most of the time. He couldn't really be himself and he abused drugs and alcohol to take away the pain. He couldn't be free to live as he liked. Everyone in Hollywood knew he was gay but you know studios still tried to get that quiet.

There are some successes such as Neil Patrick Harris and Portia De Rossi but those are few and far between. Ellen DeGeneres acting career bombed as soon as she came out but thankfully she is a stand up comic and was able to salvage her career.

What are some other opinions about this? Do others feel that a gay actor could really have a successful career.


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10 Sep 09, 10:15 PM

It is definitely easier now then it was then, and it will most likely be even easier in 20 years. People still have a hard time watching a film centered around a gay relationship, which I think is ridiculous. My brother says he hates it when gay people are "all open about it" and that's why he hates Brokeback Mountain (Which he has never seen). I tried to explain to him that the characters are not open about their love in that movie, quite the opposite actually, but people will only hear what they want to hear. I wish she public would get over their annoying homophobia and accept gay actors for their true talent.


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08 Sep 09, 07:23 PM

I think time will make a big difference in attitudes. In the meantime though, we need to work in our personal lives to accept gays and lesbians as people who are looking for the same things in life that strait people are looking for - happiness.


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08 Sep 09, 07:01 PM

I think it is easier now for gay actors than it was for Rock Hudson, Raymond Burr or Montgomery Clift.  The public is more accepting these days, but there is still alot of ignorance out there and stars that are gay still have a long way to go for total acceptance.  I remember a few years ago when Cynthia Nixon from Sex in the City came out, it made front page headlines, and I asked Why?  Why did the press feel this was big news.  She is entitled to her private life and to live it anyway she feels.


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08 Sep 09, 01:05 PM

This is quite the interesting topic. I think in a few decades things will be easier for gay actors. I believe people will come to except homosexuality just as they do heterosexuality. I believe a while back TCM did a "celebration" type-thing of gay actors/subtext in classic movies. 

I'd like to see them bring it back...but this time include females. Think of all the wonderful subtext found in classic films? I recently watched "The Celluloid Closet" which discussed a lot of the problems in classic Hollywood with gay themes and how the writers worked around it. It was really interesting. It is also fun to watch movies with actors like Rock Hudson and see himself, a gay man, play a straight man pretending to be a gay man (Pillow Talk comes to mind). Also, The Children's Hour is one of my favorite movies...and look at what happened to the "gay" character! 


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08 Sep 09, 01:51 AM

See I think some of those pushers only push to get gossip and magazine cover and stories. Like the actor TR Knight from Grey's Anatomy. His character had a major storyline and was front and center. Then when he came out, he had virtually disappeared from the show. He would pop up in some background scene then disappear again. There is a long long long way to go.


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08 Sep 09, 01:45 AM

In time, things will change for the better. But if it wasn't for those actors coming out, progress wouldn't be made or continue to be made. But if it wasn't for those pushers, then there would be no progress at all.


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