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Fox Short Subjects 1930-1935

Can't make heads or tails out of this blog? Go to my introduction: http://fan.tcm.com/_Fox-Short-Subjects-introduction-and-earliest-titles-1917-1919/blog/3441547/66470.html  This continues from http://fan.tcm.com/_Fox-Short-Subjects-1927-1929/blog/3441569/66470.html?b=

Niagara Falls (music: Maurice Baron) bw/widescreen-7+m-(Grandeur Special)-Feb 15, 1930 

The earliest Magic Carpet travelogue footage was featured in the newsreel in 1928 (although more silent footage was easily attainable from the earlier "Fox Varieties" shorts), before becoming an official full-reel series in the 1930-31 season. These were all produced by Truman Talley. Cinematographers were many and included Harry Squier and Bonney Powell (who is generally credited on the New York based entries). Louis de Rochemont was a key director/editor prior to 1934, with Lew Lehrs assisting in 1932-33. Many featured "sound bites" with limited narration (contrasting with other studio travelogues). Don't have release dates for most yet, but they have been documented in many '30s periodicals, if not registered for copyright. 26 were released annually through 1933.

Giants Of The Jungle bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-Apr 22, 1931 Features elephants in India
Diamonds In The Rough  bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-Apr 22, 1931
Wandering Through China  bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-Apr 22, 1931
Playground Of Pan  bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-Apr 22, 1931 Tour of Rhodes
The Pageant Of Siam  bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-Apr 22, 1931
Down To Damascus  bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-May 3, 1931 (Film Daily review)
The King's Aramada   bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-May 3, 1931 (Film Daily review) Visiting the British Navy ship.
The Wild West Today  bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-May 3, 1931 (Film Daily review)
Where East Meets West  bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-May 3, 1931 (Film Daily review) Tour of Singapore
The World At Prayer  bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-May 10, 1931 (Film Daily review) Includes clips of Lourdes in France, Buddhist priests and Arabia
Wildlife Of The Veldt  bw-8+m-(Magic Carpet)-1931 Visiting Kruger National Park in South Africa. Redone in Technicolor in 1947
Over The Viking Trail  bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-1931 Tour of Norway and Sweden.
India Today (Incredible India)
bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-1931
Land Of The Nile  bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-1931
Homeland Of The Danes  bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-1931
Hats Off bw-10+m-(Movietone Special)-Jul 1, 1931 A short Movietone history on the United States with special emphasis on the flag
Meet Me At Coney Island  (camera?: Bonney Powell) bw-8m13s-(Magic Carpet)-Jul 19, 1931 (Film Daily review) Available online
Kingdom Of Sheba bw-(1R)-(DC: Magic Carpet)-Jul 26, 1931 Tour of Ethiopia
In The South Seas  bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-1931
Birds Of The Sea  bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-1931) A ship tours various islands investigating sea birds
When Geisha Girls Get Gay bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-1931
Paris Of The Orient bw-(1R)-(DC: Magic Carpet)-1931
Happy Days In The Tyrol
bw-(1R)-(DC: Magic Carpet)-1931 Profiles Bavarian music
Oh, For The Life Of A Fireman  bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-Aug 16, 1931
Paris Nights  bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-Sep 6, 1931
Fires Of Vulcan  bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-1931 Tour of world's volcanoes.
Stanboul To Bag-dad (Istanbul To Baghdad)  bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-Sep 20, 1931
(With The) Foreign Legion  bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-Oct 1931
Spreewald Folk  bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-Oct 18, 1931 Filmed in Germany
Over The Yukon Trail  bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-Nov 8, 1931
Alpine Echoes (An Alpine Playground)  bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-Nov 29, 1931
Here Comes The Circus bw-(1R)-(DC: Magic Carpet)-Dec 1931 Reissued 1933
Backstage On Broadway  bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-Dec 1931
Knute Rockne  bw-(1R)-(Movietone Special)-Dec 13, 1931
In Old Mexico bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-1931
Iceberg Patrol bw-(1R)-(DC: Magic Carpet)-1931

Not certain of their status until I get access to some vintage Motion Picture Herald, but some of these were released 1932-33 and some just "working titles" for below listings: City In The Clouds; A Dancing World; Byways Of England; Cherry Blossom Time; Children Of The Desert; Pearls Of The Caribbean; Across The Andes; Back To Erin; Sunny Italy; Wonders Of The World; Land Of The Storks; Conquering The Sky; Land Of The Tulips; God's Frozen Children; On The Road To Mandalay; Journey To Java; Off The Grand Banks; Inside Looking Out (information from http://trove.nla.gov.au/ndp/del/article/4534708?searchTerm=)
Manhattan Medley (Bonney Powell) bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-Jan 29, 1932
Zanzibar  bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-Feb 1932
Incredible India bw-(1R)-(DC: Magic Carpet)-Feb 7, 1932 (Film Daily review)
Big Game Of The Sea bw-(1R)-(DC: Magic Carpet)-Feb 7, 1932 (Film Daily review) Profiles a whale hunt
By-Ways Of France  bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-Feb 14, 1932
Rhine Memories  bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-Mar 6, 1932
Over The Bounding Maine  bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-Mar 13, 1932
Mississippi Showboats  bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-Apr 2, 1932
Sampans And Shadows  bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-Apr 9, 1932 Tour of Hong Kong, Swatow, Foochow, Amoy, and Canton.
Boardwalks Of New York bw-(1R)-(DC: Magic Carpet)-Apr 1932
A Gondola Journey bw-(1R)-(DC: Magic Carpet)-May 1932
Isles Of The East Indies bw-(1R)-(DC: Magic Carpet)-May 1932
Pagodas Of Peiping bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-May 1932
In The Guianas (Along The Amazon)  bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-May 22, 1932
Broadway By Day  (camera?: Bonney Powell) bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-Jul 31, 1932
Glimpses Of Greece bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-1932
Fox starts distributing some comedies, mini-musicals, Terrytoon cartoons and documentaries from Educational Pictures in September 1932, doing all by mid-1933. Buster Keaton, Shirley Temple, Harry Langdon, Andy Clyde, Bert Lahr, Bob Hope and many others stars appeared in these. (Educational gets its own blog series.)
Fisherman's Fortune  bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-Oct 2, 1932
Belles Of Bali  bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-Oct 10, 1932
Sailing The Square Rigger  bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-Oct 25, 1932  Follows the ship Dar Pormosa or "The White Frigate" built by Prinzess Eitel Friedrich.
Venetian Holiday  bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-Oct 1932
Nevada Nel bw-(1R)-(DC: Magic Carpet)-Nov 6, 1932
Paths In Palestine bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-Nov 11, 1932
Pirate Isles bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-Nov 14, 1932
Ricksha Rhythm bw-(1R)-(DC: Magic Carpet)-Nov 17, 1932 (Film Daily review) Covers Shanghai
Sicilian Sunshine  bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-Nov 17, 1932 (Film Daily review)
Berlin Medley bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-Nov 17, 1932 (Film Daily review)
Gorges Of The Giants bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-Nov 17, 1932 (Film Daily review) Covers Yangtze River
From Kashmir To The Khyber bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-Dec 4, 1932 (previewed by Film Daily 11-17)
Silver Springs bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-Dec 11, 1932
Desert Tripoli  bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-Dec 18, 1932

Mediterranean Memories bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-Jan 1, 1933
The Lure Of The Desert bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-Jan 8, 1933
Around Acropolis  bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-1933
Byways Of Bangkok  bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-1933
A Day In Tokyo bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-1933
The Desert Patrol  bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-1933
Down From Vesuvius  bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-1933
Gem Of The Sea (narr: Father Hubbard) bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-1933 Tour of Ireland
In Old Guatemala bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-1933
Isle Of Malta  bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-1933
London Medley  bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-1933
Outposts Of France  bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-1933
When In Rome bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-May 18, 1933 (Film Daily review)
Aniakchak (Father Hubbard) bw-(4R)-(Movietone Special)-©-Aug 18, 1933
Movie Tintype #1: Screen Hits From Yesteryear bw-(1R)-(Movie Tintype)-Sep 1933 The one-season "Tintype" shorts were created from the newsreel segment of the same name. Vintage clips from both silent Fox and other early films (like Edison) was presented with humorous commentary by Lew Lehr. Louis de Rochemont is credited as director on this series. Not certain how many were made in the fall of 1933 since they weren't registered for copyright until January 1934.
Unnatural History (Lew Lehr) bw- (DC)-1933  inserts in the Movietone Newsreel sometimes reissued as limited-release shorts
Conquest Of The Air bw-(1R)-(Cameramen's Thrills)-Nov 1933 Status not certain
Follow The Horses bw-(1R)-(Cameramen's Thrills)-Nov 1933 Status not certain
Rural England  bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-Dec 1933
Streets Of Cairo bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-Dec 1933

Also in 1933, Louis de Rochemont independently produced a series from a pilot short titled March Of The Years, released February 21, 1933. A total of ten were registered for copyright: #1 (Sep 18, 1933), #2 (Oct 4), #3 (Oct 22), #4 (Nov 8), #5 & #6 (both Feb 2, 1934), #7 (Feb 10), #8 (Mar 24), #9 (May 10), #10 (Aug 15). The last three were distributed by Columbia. He also contributed to John Bray's Minute Mysteries (see http://fan.tcm.com/_Columbia-34live-action34-short-subjects-1932-1934/blog/2402571/66470.html). Later in 1934, he produced the first of the landmark The March Of Time, distributed by First Division and RKO and later (1942) 20th Century Fox.

Flemish Folk bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-©-Jan 5, 1934 (F-’33)
The Extravagant Wife bw-(1R)-(Movie Tintype)-©-Jan 5, 1934 (Completed ’33)
Tunisian Travels bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-©-Jan 19, 1934
Sentinels Of The Sea bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-©-Jan 26, 1934 Profiles the role of the lighthouse
Emma’s Dilemma bw-(1R)-(Movie Tintype)-©-Feb 4, 1934
When Disaster Strikes bw-10+m-(Adventures Of The Newsreel Cameraman)-©-Feb 9, 1934 Exciting look at how floods, fires and other disasters are documented. Initially, this series spotlights "how they do it" for Movietone. Later entries were human interest reels covering animals, travel, sports and other subjects.
Roaming The Netherlands bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-©-Feb 9, 1934
Under Moroccan Skies bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-©-Feb 16, 1934
A Journey In Flanders bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-©-Feb 23, 1934
Outdoing The Daredevils bw-10+m-(Adventures Of The Newsreel Cameraman)-©-Mar 2, 1934
The Heart Of Valeska bw-(1R)-(Movie Tintype)-©-Mar 2, 1934
With The Navies Of The World bw-10+m-(Adventures Of The Newsreel Cameraman)-©-Mar 23, 1934
On Western Trails! bw-10+m-(Adventures Of The Newsreel Cameraman)-©-Apr 13, 1934
Fortunate Isles bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-©-Apr 13, 1934
In Java Sea bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-©-Apr 27, 1934
The Land Of Bengal bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-©-May 11, 1934 Visting Calcutta
Chasing The Champions bw-10+m-(Adventures Of The Newsreel Cameraman)-©-May 18, 1934
Rock Of Gibraltar bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-©-May 25, 1934
City Of The Golden Gate bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-©-Jun 8, 1934 San Francisco tour
Man’s Mania For Sport bw-10+m-(Adventures Of The Newsreel Cameraman)-©-Aug 3, 1934
The Coast Of Catalonia bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-©-Aug 10, 1934
Marching For Science bw-10+m-(Adventures Of The Newsreel Cameraman)-©-Aug 31, 1934
In Far Mandalay (one of the last credited to Louis de Rochemont) bw-(1R)-(Magic Carpet)-©-Aug 31, 1934 Irrawaddi River to Rangoon
Picturesque Portugal (Lew Lehr) bw-(1R)-(Along The Royal Road To Romance On The Magic Carpet)-©-Sep 18, 1934
On Foreign Service (Lew Lehr) bw-10+m-(Adventures Of The Newsreel Cameraman)-©-Oct 5, 1934
Crossroads Of The World (Lew Lehr) bw-(1R)-(Along The Royal Road To Romance On The Magic Carpet)-©-Oct 12, 1934
Wings Over Africa (Martin & Osa Johnson) bw-(2R)-(Movietone Special)-Dec 1934 Promotional for the upcoming Baboona
Filming The Great (Lew Lehr) bw-10+m-(Adventures Of The Newsreel Cameraman)-Dec 7, 1934 Documents how cameramen capture big names for newsreels
The Isle Of Bermuda (Lew Lehr) bw-11+m-(Along The Royal Road To Romance On The Magic Carpet)-Dec 7, 1934
Geneva By The Lake (Lew Lehr) bw-10+m-(Along The Royal Road To Romance On The Magic Carpet)-Dec 21, 1934 Profiles the League of Nations

Casting For Luck (Lew Lehr) bw-10+m-(Adventures Of The Newsreel Cameraman)-Jan 25, 1935 Fishing reel
Tracking The Explorers (Lew Lehr) bw-10+m-(Adventures Of The Newsreel Cameraman)-Feb 8, 1935 Features Roy Chapman Andrews, Martin & Osa Johnson and Frank Buck

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