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  • A Reintroduction to The Classic Film Union Mentoring Program

  • Posted 3 years ago

A Reintroduction to The Classic Film Union Mentoring Program

This past August, The Classic Film Union Mentoring Program was founded, starting as a group that sought to get more members to post more literature and be comfortable doing so with the advisement of older members. As many of us have had fun and stumbled on a few things about the website and how it operates for our benefit that Turner Classic Movies have outlined for us to use, the CFU Mentoring Program group's mission statement is to help new members seeking advice about site navigation, providing encouraging support, and making the Classic Film Union a more respectful, intellectually engaged and friendly community through member helping member. Since each member is valuable, joining the group, decisions made on how to help, what to cover and assist fellow members on, and who was best to approach the subject discussed is always voted on and decisions were never finalized without general consensus, aka through open democracy, and everyone who joins the group equally owns the group as well. Since the subjects covered by the group mean to serve as a whole for the community at large, I thought it would be beneficial for the Classic Film Union community to see what the group has accomplished so far and ask the CFU community what else do we have trouble with and how the group can help. For more information about the group, please click on the word "group" earlier in this sentence to add your voice in a group that was created for your benefit, or to just see what we do and have done and continue to do for you, the Classic Film Union member.

Friendly IntroductionsSince I started the group to better the CFU community, the idea of how the group could work for all of our benefits was fleshed out in an article that I wrote fleshing out what the mission statement is to an active, bustling community like ours here. A lot of you came with questions and ideas, and I do hope that that can continue. A lot of you also came with problems too, which gave group members plenty to discuss and work with. So, in light of the article you can read when you can click on the word "article" earlier in this sentence, the question stands: what questions do you have about this site? What problems do you have that maybe a member of the community could answer? Not to discredit TCMFanCommunityAdmin, who has been able to help and assist many members out of technological ruts countless times in the past three years since this group started, but since this is our community, what better help can we offer each other if we don't help ourselves?

TypingSince the Classic Film Union started, there has been many a question about how to write a blog/article, so the Mentoring Program was the first to address this by writing an article on how to write a blog. Since blogs tend to get buried in pages and profile notices on each of our walls, please click on the word "blog" in the last sentence to read the original article. It was a nice development to see an increase of people venturing out and writing blogs, some for the first time in the long time they have been members here, and some who are new who want to put themselves out there, and those who have contributed frequently who felt reassured and more confident in writing blogs about whatever tickled their fancy about classic films that they wanted to express. When the article was originally published, some members were still concerned about "frills" like posting photos in their articles, as well as videos and audio, and the eternal question of what the "Post to Facebook" option means for your posting here. The question  to you is: are these questions still needing answering? Also, what other concerns do you have regarding blogs on here? We are here to help you, as we hope you can help us as well.

GroupGroups themselves was discussed and the group voted on jlewis to write a blog on the ins-and-outs of lookng for groups to join, how to find them, and how to prevent repeats of groups with the same name. The reception was appreciated, and many groups were able to be formed and delegated properly due to jlewis's informative and helpful article, which you can read when you click on the word "groups" mentioned earlier in the sentence. So, the question to ask is: is there something about the subject of groups that you need assistance in? Is advertising the group you started an issue for you, something you need assistance in?

Alice Adams: Headstrong IndividualVictoria aka charliechaplin101, came to the group with a great idea regarding how to amp up the "About Me" section of your general profile. As always, the members of the group voted on, discussed what needed to be included, and saw through the published article that covered all the bases of creating your namesake here at the Classic Film Union. Since then, profiles improved and many new members have been able to flesh out their journey to this wonderful place, as well as state their favorite movies, stars, what they do, their current classic fixations, and where they are in the world. I hope you don't consider the reposting of my profile picture as an act of hubris, but it does say alot "about me," in which clicking on the words "about me" earlier mentioned will take you to Victoria's glistening contribution. The question for you is, is there still questions/problems/concerns/ desires of assistance you need regarding your "About Me" and your profiles in general? Something we haven't covered yet, or a new problem(s) arising?


Each of us bring to the Classic Film Union our own experiences, our own perceptions, and our own personal appreciation for a movie that is older than we are, a movie we grew up on, and a movie star whose performance inspired us to explore and find a new appreciation of. Reading blogs and liking media informs and feeds on our love for classic films, but it is often that many are shy about sharing themselves openly with an online community for fear of judgment, undeserved flack, and people who just want to tell you how wrong you are for believing what you believe and condeming you to virtual hell for speaking your mind (which, at this point, the only virtual hell most fitting would be or AOL Instant Messenger, but I digress). At the Classic Film Union, many have found oasis and mentorship even beyond the Mentoring Program's umbrella, which is perfectly fine. Well, Wewink, a seasoned member and Film Noir Extraordinaire, who has found confidence on this very site, came to the group and asked to write an article about it, in which she got full support, and published to positive reception. Since her confidence article was published, which you can easily access by clicking on the word "confidence" earlier mentioned in this sentence, many members have found confidence to put themselves out there, take that risk, and be welcomed positively for their contributions. So, the question is- who has trouble and what can we do to help?

Turner Classic Movies Party LogoAldora, aka tcmfan4ever82!, came to the group with an idea of writing a trilogy on the crux of the Turner Classic Movie leading to the Classic Film Union experience, covering famillar basis and unifying love for classic films and opening the gates open to encourage us to share our commonality here at this website. In her first article (click on title names to go to there like Liz Lemon in "30 Rock"), she enthusiastically covered profound adoration for classic movies. In her second article, she passionately covered the cinematic simplicity in which we are able to view classic movies through TCM. In her third article, she asked us about what the Classic Film Union has brought to us with these impassioned perspectives. So, the question to ask is now: are these values still shared among us, and where with these values can we go to?

Vintage Bar

The "All About" Bar, a CFU community staple for the past three years. A lot of drama has occured as much as it has been discussed, but it still managed to grow into the institution it is now. Since so many members continually asked about how to get there, favored the blog now home site, and joined the group, circumstances presented themselves in which the only way for the Bar to fully be the Classic Film Unions and not an isolated meeting area to gossip, argue, and talk about other members rather than classic films, the owner and founder, had to reliquish ownership, but couldn't do so without telling you about The "All About" Bar. I address in third person because not only did I write the article addressing the ins and outs, which you can click on the name "The "All About" Bar" in the last sentence to get to the article, but because the Bar has evolved more to being the Classic Film Union's. One way it has evolved is that more people are learning how to and volunteering to host with their own menus, guests, and discussions. Another way it has evolved is that more and more people are reading the article that stated the ins-and-outs as well the the relinquished ownership of me to you all, but some have eagerly stepped up to the plate in advertising and owning the Bar too, and more of you have attended. Wewink wrote a supplementary article, which you can click on "article" to read, and JREwing, has just recently opened up the Bar for breakfast, which you should check out when you can. Sweet-pea, Harlean, and obrienmundy have also hosted as well. The Bar is still hoping to be at your respective disposal as it is yours and always meant to be yours.So, the questions are for you, are there still questions about the Bar that need addressed? Is there anything the Mentoring Program can do to further assist making the Bar yours? What can we do to get there, stay, and enjoy yourself?

Many other blogs have been written and placed under the Mentoring Program's distinction, like holiday greetings for Thanksgiving, New Year's, and President's Day, an amazing series on W. C. Fields, an intellectual debate about a book on 1967's year in film, and a charming, thankful retrospective on one's time here at the Classic Film Union, and while they are all great articles and are products of what the Mentoring Program has accomplished already, but, as this re-introduction to this group and it's purpose, the major question from all this to ask, outside of the covered areas that maybe we were unable to cover in full, what can we do for you, the Classic Film Union member? What problems are you encountered? What topic can we address for you to help you along? We are here for you, and if you want to participate in discussion where democracy is an avid reality and where every voice matters, feel free to join the group. Your voice will be heard regardless of whether you chose to join the group or not. So, how can we help you make your Classic Film Union experience more enjoyable?


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16 Apr 12, 03:54 AM

Thank you very much Hep for again creating an awe-inspiring, impassioned and cinematically cultured group/blog...since becoming an invaluable member of the Classic Film Union and the Mentoring Program, I've learned so much more than being a passionate classic movie lover. I've learned that you can gain depth, experience, adoration, appreciation, friendship, knowledge, admiration and respect by sharing an equal love/passion for the classics but then again it goes deeper than that. Thank you also for acknowledging the many selfless contributions that countless classic films fans have submitted here for the group, including articles in regards to helpful advice, hints and valuable info/insight into the Classic Film Union. I'm very grateful to not only be a classic movie fan but a great friend here as well because I genuinely feel that knowledge is power & education is paramount...again from the bottom of my heart, thank you for submitting this deeply heartfelt article!!


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13 Apr 12, 11:42 PM

I like that idea of an uploading video blog, I need all the help I can get to keep my videos from being so pixelly.


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12 Apr 12, 03:16 PM

You and all of the very cool contributors to date can just keep doing what you do which is serve as a great mentor to those of us that need a bit of a push to spread our wings. I must do better and take advantage of more of this.


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10 Apr 12, 04:03 PM

hi hep. i love this.. in addition to the menotring program- i have an idea.. maybe one of you fine blog writers could compile all these informative blogs into a book about how members feel about movies . Like the lists out thougts.  For me its great to come online and find other people like and feel the same way about a movie expecially if you are not in the age braket that were not a child when these movies came out-


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10 Apr 12, 11:48 AM

Awww.. thanks for the kind shout-out. Egad... I do run dry on ideas until OTHERS suggest them. Somebody can do a blog on uploading audios and videos as obrienmum suggests. There is still a lot I don't know on that subject.


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07 Apr 12, 09:46 PM

The mentoring program is wonderful and a great idea.  Thank you for your kidn words about me.  I don't know how seasoned I am though.   But I am very touched that you view me in this way and the CFU has built up my confidence and I hope that my blog on confidence helped others. 


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07 Apr 12, 08:45 PM

Well, it would be nice to have an article stating how to upload videos and audio tracks. I want to commend you hep for creating a great group and writing this great blog. When I am finally able to write more of my MGM blog, could I upload it to the mentoring program? 


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